If you wish to apply for funding, please email us at the email address given on our Contact Us page. Please include details of what the funding is required for, the person or institution that is to provide it and the sort of timeframe you envisage. Please also include a phone number on which we can get in touch with you. We will respond as soon as we reasonably can. Depending on the circumstances, we may ask for further information and/or references, and we will generally wish to arrange one or more meetings for a face to face discussion.

We will consider applications for funding that meet the following criteria:

A. The funding must be required for or in connection with the provision of creative therapies, projects, workshops or courses (for example, art, craft, music, drama or creative writing) and/or animal therapy to persons suffering from mental health difficulties (including depressive illnesses, eating disorders or self harming).

B. The applicant must be an established provider of mental health services or a person appropriately qualified and experienced to work with persons suffering from mental health difficulties.

C. The applicant must be an institution or person intending to provide the activity described in A above and not a person to whom the activity is to be provided.

D. The activity must be provided without discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, sex or sexual orientation.

E. The activity must be provided lawfully, in a safe environment, with the use of properly qualified and/or experienced personnel where necessary or appropriate, with due regard to the fact that the persons to whom it is to be provided suffer from mental health difficulties, and taking all reasonable and proper care to safeguard at all times the health,

We will not ordinarily provide funding in relation to activities other than those described in A above. In exceptional circumstances, we may be prepared to consider applications in relation to the provision of other therapies, workshops or services to persons suffering from mental health difficulties. However, we will give priority to applications for funding for activities falling within A above.

We will consider carefully any application that meets our funding criteria as set out above, and we will do our best to provide funding when and where we think it appropriate having regard to our objects, to the resources available to us and to all other relevant considerations. However, we reserve the right to decline any application in our absolute discretion without giving reasons.

We will ask any successful applicant to enter into a written funding agreement. A copy of our standard form agreement can be downloaded from this page. We recognise that our standard form will not always be appropriate in every case, and where that is so, we will be open minded about changes.