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Where's My Rubber Chicken?
Friday, 05 July 2013 19:25

4th June was a day unlike many we’ve experienced recently in London – the air was filled with the light and warmth of a strange golden globe in the sky (we have since been informed this is called “the sun”).  Whereas many Londoners fled to parks and pub gardens, sixty assorted comedy lovers dragged their overheated selves to Doggett’s Coat and Badge for a night of guffaws and hysterics, whilst raising money for the wonderful work of Ellie’s Fund.

The so-laid-back-he-lies-like-a-rug MC Jarred Keane introduced the evening, whilst acting as a human shield to block members of the audience from the overbearing rays of the sun.  As Jarred quipped “this is the first gig I’ve done where the audience have all worn sunglasses”.The first act was Steve McLean Ellis, who delighted the audience with his catchy song about a sexual position he favours (audience members participated in the chorus with an alarming gusto).  Daryl Perry was up next with his welsh charm, tales of nights out in Swansea and anecdotes on being an “utter legend”.  He was followed by Elizabeth Scott, London’s favourite lady from Liverpool (after Cilla Black and Lily Savage) who shared her online dating experiences and the many merits of being a scouser.  With his tales of the school playground and growing up with joint Latino/Croydon heritage, Francis Foster occupied the middle ground between Blue Peter presenter and Men Behaving Badly.  

Steve Peter Hardy’s hipster specs, alarmingly skinny jeans and description of the size of his genitalia was the penultimate act of the first half, before the devilish duo that is Man Buy Cow – who brought about madness and mayhem with stripping, deceased parents and marriage proposals (someone still owes a young lady a boat).  Following the interval, during which the audience stampeded first to the bar and then to purchase as many raffle tickets as financially possible, Phil Mann hilariously revived the lost art of mime to demonstrate the way to keep your man happy, although you’ll never look at a self-service checkout in the same way again.  Sketch trio the Polytechnic Redbricks melded puns with slugs while they dealt incredibly with a rather irritating heckler by using more stereotypes than you can shake a stick at.  A rather ill-tempered Kirsty Ellinor launched into a tirade against the irritating habits of “other people”, exacerbated by the experiences of nicotine withdrawal, otherwise described as her “hit list”. The heckler struck again, but Joshua Jameson wasn't flustered as he waxed about his looks, tube rides whilst making comparisons to the Alien-esque features of the female nether-regions.  The penultimate act, Shaine Sherlock, mined his past for illuminating tales of a youth spent in the adult film industry and amusing reflections in Britain from an American’s perspective.

Professional Headliner Jason John Whitehead topped the evening with tales of drunken debauchery, cultural differences between Canada and the UK, and comments about the subtle mood lighting of the venue.  It was a great honour to have him perform at our very first show.The night was a tremendous success (despite several interruptions) and raised £270 for Ellie’s Fund.  The “Where’s My Rubber Chicken?” gang are already planning their next event for the Fund which is due take place in October 2013.  Further details will be available over the summer period via


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